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Nicole A. Jones is an avid writer, published author, and successful businesswoman. She is the founder of N. Jones Enterprise LLC, a professional writing and publishing consulting company in Northern Virginia, En Prose and N. Jones Music, a subsidiary of N. Jones Enterprise LLC. She is also an affiliate songwriter of SESAC performing rights organization.

Ms. Jones started writing as an avenue to relieve herself of the pain of several consecutive losses in her life but over time she had accumulated a collection of writing in the form of poetry, journals and songs.

When asked, what makes her writings so unique, she says, “I am not a distant writer; I walk through the storms of life with my eyes opened. I not only know what fear, pain, and hurt feel like, I also know what they look like. Despite the boisterous winds and rain and dark clouds I’m facing, I write. I write through my agony and my tears because I know that in the end, I will not only have the ability to relate to others but will also have the ability to explain the measures I took to get out of my storm.”

She adds, “I am not a storm chaser. I do not go looking for storms but if I happen to become caught in one, I try to benefit from it.” She
concludes, “Personal failure and personal difficulties can be outstanding resources in our lives but it is the way we employ them that
determines if we excel forward or remain stagnant.”

Ms. Jones earned Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health from Dillard University and her Master’s in Business in Administration from Stratford University. Ms. Jones currently resides in Woodbridge, Virginia with her family and enjoys participating in community outreach activities.

My Journey Towards Writing
I never dreamed of becoming a writer, neither was I ever a scholar in school. In fact, writing composition was one of the most challenging subjects for me to pass throughout high school and college. Throughout my college years, I COULD NOT WRITE A PAPER. Each semester I attempted to pass an English Composition course, I either failed or withdrew from the course to avoid failing. It was not until my junior year of undergraduate school, I suddenly grasped the concept of writing. However, it was not in a writing course. It was in a public speaking course, in college where I began to understand how to write. The Speech instructor was strict and she mercilessly penalized aimless speeches. After a while, I became great at drafting note cards. Somehow, outlining speeches equipped me with the skills I needed to compose a paper.  All I needed to do was fill in the details.

Finally, I overcame that problematic challenge of writing and conquered that remaining skill I needed to graduate from college. Nevertheless, I did not realize I had established a capability that would carry me in the future. In 2007, after the loss of my dad, I was mostly alone and had no one to talk with so writing became my voice. Because I was overwhelmed with countless thoughts and random emotions, I began to write as an outlet. Line after line, I expressed my feelings and opinions on paper and over time I began to rid my myself not only of the pain from losing my dad but also the pain I collected in my heart throughout my lifetime. One journal became a collection of writings and eventually manuscripts. Somehow writing down each emotion put a face to my emotions and one day, my writings were not only helping me but they were also helping other people.

I have concluded that writing influenced one of the greatest forces to ignite in my life and propelled me towards my future, which is the experience of failure. Writing has not only served as a personal passageway for me but also an open venue that has given me an ability to relate and positively impact the lives of other people.